Maggie Valley Club – A Unique Home For Golfing in the Area

For more than forty years the Maggie Valley Club has been a unique attraction in the Maggie Valley area. This place for golfing at Maggie Valley features a variety of unique attractions ranging from a full golf course to various real estate areas. This is a great place to stay when in Maggie Valley as well as a great place for golfing.The Maggie Valley Club was first formed in the 1960s alongside various cottages that had once been used as homes for people who worked on the home property of Sentelle and Mary Francis Moody. Over the years the Moody Farm was converted into a country club for people to visit with many of the cottages that were used on the original Moody Farm fully renovated for use by visitors.Today there are many different things about this club to see. The golf course is one of the top parts of this area and is a great site for golfing at Maggie Valley. This standard length course is one that features two unique halves to it. The first nine holes of the course are the Valley Nine holes. The second half of the course is the Mountain Nine section that features a rise of eight hundred feet in elevation and features impressive views of the valleys below. This course is open year round and rates are amazingly affordable here throughout the year.There are many different cottages at the club as well. The Cottages at Sycamore Ridge are luxurious cottages along the forest with timber-frame architecture designs and beautiful surroundings. The zero-maintenance approach to these cottages for those who stay there is an especially popular feature for visitors to check out. Home sites can be rented for a week or even up to an entire season.Many other lodging options are available at the Maggie Valley Club. The Persimmon Point condominiums are luxurious and offer amazing valley views. The Master’s Landing town homes feature nearly three thousand square feet of living space each and are located along a beautiful fishing pond.Various offers are available for people who are interested in golfing at Maggie Valley. Two, three and four night stay packages are available with green fees for each day paid and are available for various different lodging options at the club.